Stephen E. Stark

President + Chief Executive Officer

With close to 35 years of professional experience, Stephen has served as an investment banker with three regional NASD member firms, as a founding director of a equities research department, and as a business consultant and financial advisor to numerous early stage technology, consumer product, medical device, Internet, B2B, B2C and SaaS companies.

Stephen has an extensive background in real estate market analysis, finance and development with previous engagements throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Projects have ranged in all sectors including multifamily, residential, office, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, retail, entertainment, golf and equestrian resort community assignments.

Stephen was born in the bucolic city of Norwich in Central New York. Upon graduation from High School he attended Syracuse University in Aerospace Engineering and received a BS in Environmental Technology from the State University of New York. As part of his studies he developed a theoretical framework for understanding the human/environment system known as the Psycho/Social Vector Model. Stephen continued his studies and received a MA from the State University of New York in Urban Planning. In his published thesis he examined the ethical basis for Environmental Stewardship and concentrated on real estate finance and future studies.

Stephen has three children and loves to bike, hike, explore, play tennis, cook, entertain, and read. He is involved in his local church, is a fledgling author, a digital artist and a confirmed futurist who believes in the great potential in everyone.

Ami L. Alderman, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff

With over 20 years of experience in numerous leadership roles, Ami possesses both the qualifications and passion that are necessary to move any organization forward.  She believes n a hybrid leadership style that is adaptive and captures the strengths of both servant and transformational leadership.  Her passion is to make an immediate impact by forging relationships and partnering with all stakeholders to support the mission of the organization.

Ami has extensive knowledge in Website development, Security Issues, Organizational Development, Training, Corporate Culture, Administration, Staffing, Conflict Resolution, as well as Policy, Procedures and Protocol Development. Ami also has years of experience with Client Resume Building as well as Strategic System-Building of Organizations.

Ami pursued her Ph.D. in Curriculum Development and Instruction from the University at Buffalo with her focus towards Organizational Leadership from Canisius College. While serving in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer, Ami was able to hone her skills of leadership, organization, drive and passion to always help others and uses those lifelong skills in her career to this day. She believes in the power of empowerment of others and works each and every day to help people empower themselves to meet their highest potential.

David Fouts

Financial Consultant

For over 25 years, David has been helping business owners achieve excellence of profitable planned growth by removing barriers and focus on key business drivers and improving critical processes. He provides consulting services on an as-needed long-term basis, serving as trusted business adviser. This helps privately held businesses as they benefit from my experience, without the fully loaded cost of a full-time employee.

His sweet spot in terms of the businesses he works with, have annual sales in the $5M - $75M range, have experienced high-growth and its related challenges. My gift is working closely with owner to quickly determining the "gap" between current state and owner's goal, and then creating and implementing strategic actions to close that gap and achieve success. He has extensive experience in family-owned and private equity-backed companies across many industries in both manufacturing and services.

When he's not working, he enjoys time with family while his passion is music...teaching, playing and creating music as well as leading worship.

Areas of expertise are in creating and implementing: • Strategic Planning Process that WORK • Revenue Growth Strategies that DRIVE GROWTH • Key Metrics and Measurements that MATTER • Cash Flow Models that PREDICT • Cost Reduction Strategies that find and cut WASTE • Organizational Model/Changes that FIT • Actions and Changes needed to DRIVE PROFITS • Systems and Tools to BETTER MANAGE Your Business • Bank/Investor Relation Management to ASSURE CASH.

Mark Nasworthy

Executive Vice President of Development

Mark received his Bachelor of Science Chemistry in 1977 from University of Georgia with Minors/Emphasis Math & Physics. He completed his Post-Graduate Masters Studies from the University of Southern California. 

Since 1991, Mark has been a commercial pilot with American Airlines, Captain qualified in B-727, 737, 757, 767, 777, 787, Airbus 319,320, 321. He currently flies the Boeing 787. In addition, Mark completed Military History, Strategic and Tactical Command and Planning from the Air University with concentration in Aviation, Ground, Sea Operations & Plans Management. Mark is in pursuit of Doctorate: Numerous Universities and Certification Programs: Nutrition and Elite Athlete Studies, Naturopathic/Homeopathic Studies.

Mark is a retired US Air Force Officer. Served in the USAF and USAF Reserves from 1977 to 2003. Fighter and transport pilot in many military aircraft including F-111, F-15, F-16, & C-130. Operational and Command experience during peacetime and wartime with international & inter-service experience. Aircraft Modification Program Contract Project Officer F-111.

Since 1991 Mark is a commercial pilot with American Airlines. Captain qualified in B-727, 737, 757, 767, 777, Airbus 319,320, 321. He currently flies as Captain on the AB-320 family and is transitioning this summer to the Boeing 787.

Since 1975 Mark has wide experience in all areas of construction and development. General Contractor in Texas and Alabama and a Real Estate Investor. Between 2008 to 2013 Mark served as a strategic analyst/consultant to private equity, energy, and real estate companies.

From 1998 to 2008 Mark lead as CEO/Developer of a large development company in the US as well as numerous international locations. Mark's development focus was in real estate (all aspects with emphasis on mixed use developments), energy, mining, and logistics. Owner/operator of several marina operations. Boat Captain.

From 1992 to 1998 Mark was the principal/manager of a think-tank/business incubation operation called Freethink and a travel company executive and airline Director of Operations. From 1989 to 1991 Mark was principal of a medical instruments company serving US military units and first responders.

Katherine M. Girard

Executive Vice President of People + Culture

With 10 years of professional experience, was the co-founder and Vice President of a successful sales & consulting business, partnering with industrial manufacturers, in both their sales and operations divisions, as well as distributors. Kate has experience in national retail; gaining knowledge through management of inventory, customer relations, human resources, staffing, and training.

Kate attended the University at Buffalo, where she received a duel Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Science. She has served as President on the boards of multiple volunteer organizations where she further developed her skills in leadership, management, organization, event planning, and raising funds, while also allowing her to pursue her in passion in giving back to her community and help others.

Kate has two children; a daughter, Anna, and a son, Reagan. She enjoys music, reading, movies, and sports, especially coaching her kids softball and baseball teams. Her strong faith, loving relationships with family and friends, and desire to improve the experiences of those around her is what drives Kate. She believes adversity can create the best opportunity for self growth, and with grit and determination you can thrive and succeed.