The local tourism industry in Asheville is one of the biggest draws in the state. With over $199.1 million in state and local revenues generated in 2017, this burgeoning sector of the economy opens the door to many opportunities. It provides over 18,000 jobs for people in Buncombe County and supports even more. If you're interested in getting a slice of this pie through our property development, email us today.

The population of Asheville is right at 90,000 (256,000 in Buncombe County) and while that is considered small in comparison to Charlotte or Winston-Salem, it is well known that Asheville comes in at number 1 in the Southeast when it comes to out-of-towners visiting the city (and the surrounding natural beauty). In 2017, 4 million people visited Asheville.

These visitors spend $2 billion at local businesses in Buncombe County annually (those businesses buy goods and services from other local businesses resulting in a total economic impact of $3.1 billion).

In 2017, tourism generated in $199.1 million in state and local revenues. The City of Asheville: $27.9 million total ($20.6 million property tax and $6.2 million in sales tax), Buncombe County: $63.1 million total ($32.4 million property tax and $28.7 million in sales tax), and State of North Carolina: $108.2 million total ($73.7 million in sales tax).

The local tourism industry provides jobs for 18,346 people in Buncombe County. And, in total, tourism supports 27,241 jobs - which is 15% of employment in the county.